We believe all children should experience a positive primary education - more than just the opportunity to go to school, it is often the little things which make the biggest difference.

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Wall Of Hands


The Australian Literacy & Numeracy Foundation is dedicated to closing the Indigenous literacy Gap.


Click here to help Wall Of Hands provide Literacy Packs to disadvantaged children in remote communities.


tCAF dollar matches all donations.








We provide direct support to disadvantaged children so they can attend school and gain an education.


We also provide awareness raising programs for the thousands of children who attend After School Care, to empower them to do something positive about some of the challenges faced by disadvantaged children.


Through our Payroll Giving Program, team members can also donate to charity partners through our payroll system.


The Camp Australia Foundation (tCAF) dollar matches all donations to make twice the difference to disadvantaged primary school children throughout Australia and overseas.

The Camp Australia Foundation (tCAF)

tCAF is our not for profit organisation. The After School Care Programs Camp Australia provides enables us to work with charity partners to develop exclusive programs to improve the lives of primary school children.


tCAF then coordinates these programs enabling our whole organisation to work together and have a big impact on the children we are supporting.

The Camp Australia Foundation Mission


By 2025 we aim to positively impact the primary education experience of 1 Million children.


We will do this by providing financial support to charity partners who share our beliefs and engage Camp Australia Team Members to provide their time and skills in achieving our mission.


Thanks to our dedicated Educators, in 2016 we were able to positively impact the lives of more than 77,000 primary school children through our awareness raising programs to support children throughout Australia and overseas. We also donated $160,000 to our charity partners.

The Camp Australia Foundation Supports

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Camp Australia’s Welcome program will help children, families and visitors feel ‘at home’ in each service.


It also provides opportunities for children to learn from each other and build self-confidence through our Leadership Program.


Children will be presented with certificates and leadership bands at celebrations in services.

Australian Schools Plus

Established from 2011 the Gonski Review it aims to improve the education outcomes for students facing disadvantage, by increasing philanthropic support for their schools.


We will support 1 project per year and develop an awareness programs around the relevant cause.


In 2017 we will develop an awareness raising program about children with disabilities.

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation works in remove communities to increase literacy rates of indigenous, refugee and disadvantaged children.


Currently only one in five Indigenous children in remote communities can read at the minimum standard. Not having basic literacy resources is a significant barrier to learning.


We will co-ordinate and dollar match a fundraiser with the aim of providing literacy packs to 1,000 indigenous and refugee children.


Our program will also provide a range of awareness raising activities about indigenous culture.

Plan International Australia

One of the first international aid agencies providing emergency response in Nepal after the major earthquake in 2015 and is still present.


Our awareness raising program will support children in Nepal who are often denied an education e.g. children with disabilities and low caste Dalit girls.


As Camp Australia’s Christmas Collection, we will create handmade gifts to support the education of 4,000 disadvantaged primary school children in Nepal.


Each year we offer valuable support to hundreds of our schools by providing high quality kids’ activities at fetes/open days etc. free of charge.

If you would like to request this support, please speak with the Educator at your service.

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The Alannah and Madeline Foundation

In Australia, bullying affects one in four children every fortnight. Bullying can have a long term negative impact on the health and wellbeing of children. However, research shows that when children feel connected they are less likely to bully or be bullied.


This is why tCAF, created a range of exclusive programs with The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Through our Better Buddies Leadership Program, more than 20,000 children were provided with roles of responsibility in 2016.

The Smith Family

In 2016, children attending Camp Australia’s services raised over $77,500 via our ‘Back 2 School’ Fundraiser to support The Smith Family’s Learning for Life program.


The initiative involved children in Camp Australia’s services raising funds by holding teddy bear picnics, trivia events, art/craft exhibitions and making and selling handmade items including jewellery, origami and bookmarks.


Since this partnership commenced three years ago, Camp Australia has donated more than $200,000 to The Smith Family.

Oxfam Australia

Working in partnership with Oxfam Australia we created our exclusive Junior Global Citizenship Program. In 2014 and 2015 children learnt about South Africa and created handmade gifts for 600 orphans and vulnerable primary school children attending an after school care program in Port Elizabeth.


In 2016 our program helped children learn about Bangladesh by exploring its geography and food and learnt about the importance of having access to clean water.


As Camp Australia’s Christmas collection, we created gifts for 7,500 primary school children in Bangladesh.


If you would like more information about tCAF please contact foundation@campaustralia.com.au